Special K Red Berries with Kroger Carb Master Milk , Fat Free Fair Life Milk, or Egg Whites International Liquid Egg Whites. 1 Cup of Cereal with 1/2 Cup of Milk. You may use Shibboleth approved sweeteners only. You may also use Shibboleth approved cereals that have a better weight loss meter than the Special K Red Berries for much better weight loss results.


Tuna Salad on one slice of Shibboleth approved bread. Please use approved recipes and approved breads for best results. Remember, Shibboleth approved category 2 breads taste like bread but break down more like a green bean than a white bread. This will help you control the fat storage hormone. The whiter the bread the quicker you are dead.


Tuna Salad with Bell Peppers. Use the same recipe as above. Sauté Bell Peppers in Zero Drag 100% MCT Oil and season with any of the many Shibboleth approved seasonings for taste.


Shibboleth approved snacks are not recommended during challenges. If you are following this meal plan on a Shibboleth approved Perfect dayand are not trying to follow the challenge then you may use any Shibboleth approved snack.


Shibboleth approved Freebies are not recommended during the challenge but are allowed.


At a minimum Zero Drag Vitamins Plus or Zero Drag Vitamins Plus Pro should be used anytime you are restricting calories for weight loss. While supplements aren’t a requirement for weight loss while on the Shibboleth lifestyle, when used properly, they are an enhancement. If you are going to work this hard you should do all you can to help your body more efficiently rid itself of unwanted body fat.


We recommend WALKING when you begin. Attempt to get in 10,000 steps each day. With the Shibboleth lifestyle you will be in EFB or efficient fat burning if you follow the Shibboleth Shield. This means that the energy it takes to do the extra walking will come from your fat reserves. After you make the Shibboleth lifestyle a habit, then walking a habit, then it is important to adopt more intense exercise as a habit. 80% of results come from nutrition. The other 20% of your results will come from exercise and nutrition.